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Prepared to Be Prompt
How to follow-up in a timely fashion that sets you apart from the crowd.

Helping you find a job!

Though the current economy appears so rough that you can't get a job — particularly if you are an upcoming or recent college graduate (with minimal on-the-job experience) — there is still hope! Let us show you what you can do. You can succeed in reaching your career goals!

Here are three ways we can help you boost your job-search success:

[Career Track Disc]

Career Track DVD

A half-hour narrative experience, “Career Track” covers the spectrum of what job seekers need to know. Also, with nearly an hour of video extras based on key tips from industry professionals, this is a tremendously informative product for those looking for a job right now.

Articles & Events

In addition to checking out the Events section on our website, to see if we may be speaking in your area. In the meantime, check out the advice below to get a jumpstart on your job-hunt.

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